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The Protection of National Heritage

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Our contact information: To reach the INP (Dar Hussen), copy the following information in the boxes on the form and find the address

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The Scientific and Technical Activities

Nafta  with faunal remains

Aterian site of Nafta

Since 2013 fieldwork were undertaken in the vicinity of the chotts in southern west of Tunisia. New aterian site was discovered in Nafta. We highlight that during the last interglacial humid period (MIS 5) the chotts (El Dejerid, El Rharsa) outline a huge system of megalakes with rivers and fresh water. Several mammals’ taxa like rhinoceros, zebra, bovids (Oryx, hartebeest, gazelles, aurochs, and buffalo), carnivores and ostrich lived there.

Chimtou Tunisian-German campaigns of archaeological research, prospecting and geo-radar documentation Chimtou (Simitthus) in the governorate of Jendouba

Under the partnership for transformation recently concluded between Germany and Tunisia, the German Archaeological Institute pays special attention to the training of young archaeologists Tunisian. The final stage in time, held from July 2 to 10, 2012 at Chimtou, focused on methods of documenting and measuring using the total station. On the other hand, students and archaeologists are supported in their research by using tools available on the internet. A scholarship program launched in the month of August 2012 will enable successful candidates to make a trip to the library of the DAI in Rome

liste monuments classés

List of historical and archaeological monuments protected and listed in Tunisia

List of historical and archaeological monuments protected and listed in Tunisia

This document contains a list of historical and archaeological monuments listed and protected in Tunisia, the document is in Arabic, classified by governorate was selected, the document comes in the form:

Governorate name:

Number / Name archaeological site or historic ensemble / monument name / date of classification or protection / Decree or Order

Download here


Cooperation Projects in Althiburos (el médéïna)

Since 2006, this site is subject to extensive international cooperation projects on the terms of both scientific research and development. The first began in 2006, develops with the University of Barcelona, co-directed by Professor Joan Sanmarti ...
The second project involves the study and anastylosis theater, it was signed in 2007 with the University of Macerata, Italy, represented by Prof. Antonino Di Vita, also involving the University of Bari, represented by Professor Giorgio Rocco ...

Tourba el Bechia Restoration projects and enhancement of Tourba El Bechia

Tourba El Bachiya is classified historic monument by the decree of January 25, 1922. It is located in El Koutbiya Street (street booksellers) to the southeast corner of the enclosure of the Madrasa El Bachiya and adjoining madrasa Slimaniya the heart of the Medina of Tunis. It was built in 1162 h (1752 AD-C), by Ali Pasha, where he was buried.

Chimtou Campaigns Tunisian-German archaeological research, exploration geo-radar and documentation at Chimtou (Simitthus) in the governorate of Jendouba

From September 21 to October 20, 2010  held at Chimtou the ancient Simithhus in the governorate of Jendouba a Tunisian-German campaign of archaeological research and documentation under the Cooperation Agreement between the National Heritage Institute  and the German Archaeological Institute in Rome.

uchi maius Tunisian-Italian campaign of archaeological research and restoration at Henchir Douamis (Uchi Maius) in the governorate of Beja

From September 27 to October 24, 2010 held at Henchir Douamis the ancient Uchi Maius in the governorate of Jendouba, a Tunisian-Italian campaign of archaeological research under the Cooperation Agreement between the National Heritage Institute and the University of Sassari.

Expostion legacy of carthage - nagoya Last stage of the exhibition Legacy of Carthage

One of the largest cities of Japan, Nagoya, hosts from 23 October until 21 November 2010 the exhibition "Legacy of Carthage".
This is the last step in a long journey that began in June 2009 in Sendai City in northern archipelago then Kanazawa, Tokyo, Okayama, Iwate, Kyoto, Nagoya, and finally Miyazaki Nagoya

For Ghazi Mustapha - Djerba

Restoration projects and enhancement of historical monuments in the south of Tunisia 2009 - 2010

Restoration projects and enhancement of historical monuments in southern Tunisia:
In Sfax: the walls, the minaret of Sidi Ilyès, tanks Aghlabid, Zaouia Sidi Abu al-Hasan al-Karray and draft conservation and enhancement of the mausoleum of Sidi Finkhal
In Gabes Souk Jara and Souk el Menzel
In Djerba:  restoration of the mosque aberrans, the mosque Beni Daoud, Ghazi Mustapha Fort and the mosque of Sidi Ibrahim Jomni
In Tataouine : el Ksour and mountain villages.

le Jeune Homme de Byrsa Exhibition of young men Byrsa from October 16, 2010

Download the invitation / view html

An exhibition take place from 16 October 2010 on the Byrsa hill (at the Museum of Carthage), introducing a young man skeleton Carthaginian reconstituted, and the grave goods, discovered in his tomb.
An accidental discovery has led to the day in 1994, a fall in well with a depth of 4.70m. Two pits were dug in the floor of the burial chamber, but only one was occupied


conevention Signature of a convention between the INP and the GCI

A new convention has been signed between the INP and the GCI in the Project MOSAIKON (Getty Conservation Institute, Getty Foundation, ICCM and ICCROM).

If previous projects involved only the training of technicians Tunisian conservation of ancient mosaics in situ, one that will take effect from spring 2011 and will run for two years, will receive four Maghreb countries and more Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Libya.

El Jem

The "grottes"  of El Haouaria ( Ancient Hermaia ) - " Cultural Site "

In a joint decree of the Ministry of culture and safeguard of patrimony and  the Ministry of equipment, housing and land planning dated 16 August 2010 , " the "Grottes" of El Haouaria ( governorate Nabeul) are now classified as " Cultural Site "...


El Jem

Restoration and enhancement of the Amphitheatre of El Jem

... Recognizing the importance and sensitivity of actions to implement the restoration and enhancement of the Amphitheatre of El Jem , ranked on the list of World Heritage of Humanity , the National Heritage Institute and the National Agency for the development and promotion of cultural heritage has decided to undertake a major action on the monument ...



Nameplates on monuments

The National Heritage Institute has just begun installing plates on the monuments of the country whose number exceeds one thousand.
The content ( bilingual Arabic and French) of the plate allows the identification of the monument , as well as data on its classification ( number and date of the decree or order ) . .. Read


Restoration of the Roman gate of Siwar ( Abthugnos )

The door Roman archaeological site Siwar ( ancient Abthugnos ) in the governorate of Zaghouan is one of the main monuments of the Roman period excavated today. This door comes to know a level of restoration of the ark. The work consisted of replacing damaged stones by other quarried locally offering the same features as the original stone .


7th stage the exhibition " The Legacy of Carthage "
The exhibition "The Legacy of Carthage" will start his seventh stage at the Art Museum of the City of Hamamatsu south of the capital Tokyo . It is also known as "The Music City " .
This step replaces the Kyoto " cultural city ".
To date , more than 150,000 people visited the rich archaeological heritage of our country (40000 for the single city of Kyoto )
To learn more about Other steps

Website of Utica - Searching and development
A program of excavation and development continues on the site of Utica under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Preservation .
Three Conventions have been signed between theINP one hand and theOxford University, Paris IV - Sorbonne andPhoenician Studies Institute of Madrid the other hand ...

Palace manama Cooperation Franco - Tunisian
A ceremony of a wedding dress worn at the ritual Jelwa and award certificates for training in art was held Friday, February 19, 2010 at the National Heritage . This event is part of the cooperation agreement between the Franco -Tunisian National Heritage Institute and the Museum of the Medina of Tunis " Dar Ben Abdallah , on the one hand and the National Agency for Co Franco -Tunisian -development , on the other hand ...

- International Seminar Kerkuane July 28 -06 August 2010
- Kasbah - Beja
- Heritage Museum of Traditional Kesra

- Earth Day in the Tunisian Museums

Pilot Project on Development of the village Chenini Tataouine
- Zaghouan - More than a Project
- Rive Gauche : Five Museums, Five themes , an initiatory

- Newsletter No. 04/2008


Recruitment Notice

The INP aims to recruit through a competitive external file three (03) attached to archaeological and historical research, and two (02) in charge of archaeological and historical research in respect of 2010 for more details visit this link


From 16 to 18 December 2010 at the Museum of Traditional Heritage "Houmet - Souk - Djerba, Research Unit History and Heritage of Coastal Tunisian hosts its 2nd seminar Handicrafts, the Professions and the Know - How in the Tunisian coast. You can view the program or the poster of the seminar by clicking on the below links
Seminar program in PDF format
Poster of the seminar in PDF Format

- The site Haidari ( ancient Ammaedara ) received the Award of the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres
- Heritage Month 2010 : Protection of heritage is the responsibility of all : program and poster
- 7th International Symposium on the History of Tunisian Steppes : program and poster
The INP has published three books in 2009 : BAHRI (F. ) , "men of power and men of knowledge Ifriqiyya aglabide " BEN ROMDHANE ( KH. ) , " Contribution to the Study Mint Ifriqiya " and FERJAOUI (A.), " Sanctuary Henchir El Hami , " Three periodic Africa No. XXII and Africa Repal No. XIII ATP Africa No. XV .... For more information visit catalog
Scientific Instruments
INP has published the scientific act of :
-6th International Symposium on the history of Tunisian steppes session 2008 ;
- International colloquium Siliana and Tunis from 10 to 13 March 2004 , the act entitled "Carthage and its empire of Aboriginal time Zama"Tribute to Mr. Mhamed Hassine Fantar ;
Department of Cluture and Heritage Preservation : Notice of competition

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Exhibition of young men Byrsa from October 16, 2010
Exhibition Japan : The Lagacy of Carthage
Tunisian archaeological exhibition in Germany

Exhibition " Treasures from China" : result of an investigation

Scientifics Seances

Meeting of September 29, 2012

9h - 10h30
1 - Excavations, surveys and incidental findings

Chair: Adnan Louhichi, d.d.r. the INP.
1.1 • Moncef Ben Moussa, M.A. at the University of Tunis: "Report on the discovery of a kiln near Bir Bouregba (civitas Siagitana)" (10 minutes).
1.2 • Mounir Fantar, c.d.r. at INP "Notes on two unpublished funerary inscriptions preserved in Neapolis and Nabeul Museum" (10-15 minutes).
1.3 • Abir Jrad, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University Tunis El Manar II, "Preliminary report on geophysical Carthage" (15 minutes).

10h30 - 11h: Coffee break

11h - 13h
2 - Communications

Chair: Abdellatif Mrabet, professor at the University of Sousse.
2.1 • Samir Aounallah, m.d.r. the INP: "Notes on stopping human sacrifice in the Tophet of Sousse, antique Hadrumetum, from the middle of the first century BC? "(10-15 minutes).
2.2 • Hamden Ben Romdhane a.d.r. at INP: "A Latin inscription Furnos Maius revised" (10 minutes).
2.3 • Ali Cherif, University of Tunis "Archaeological research in Ain M'dhoja the ancient civitas A [utipsidensis?] (Region Makthar)." (20-25 minutes).
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