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The Protection of National Heritage

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Our contact information: To reach the INP (Dar Hussen), copy the following information in the boxes on the form and find the address

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Documents / Administrative Notes

Elections to Advisory Committees and Recruitment Committees are held on October 17, 2019

Notice of a consultation for the realization of a geotechnical campaign of the ground of the future museum of Sidi Bouzid

Notice of internal competitions for the year 2019

Result of the conservator exams 2019

Museums : project of a regional museum in seliana; project of a regional museum in sidi bouzid

Further Information

Scientific and Technical Activities


International Colloquium

Civilizations between cultural heritage and new information technologies, Tunis, 22-24 October 2019



International Colloquium

being Aboriginal, becoming Aboriginal: definitions, representations, October 24-26, 2019

scientific meeting

Scientific meeting:

New perspectives in the study of cremation graves based on the examples of necroples from Pompeii, Cuma and Rome; presented by Mr. Henri DUDAY Director of Research Emeritus at the CNRS, animated by Mrs. Nabiha AOUDI and Mr. Imed Ben JERBANIA, Researchers at the INP

on 16 October 2019 at the INP, H. abdelwaheb from 10 am

Meeting poster

Nouvelles éditions

La vie, la mort et la rélegion dans l'univers phénicien et punique : actes du VIIème congrés internationnal des études phéniciennes et puniques édités par Ahmed Ferjaoui et Taoufik Redissi

Volume 1 : présence phénicienne et punique en méditerrranée, urbanisme et architecture

Volume 2 : production et relations commerciales

Volume 3 : la mort, la rélegion

Life, death and the region in the Phoenician and Punic universe: proceedings of the VIIth International Congress of Phoenician and Punic researches edited by Ahmed Ferjaoui and Taoufik Redissi.

Volume 1: Phoenician and Punic presence in the Mediterranean, urban planning and architecture
Volume 2: Production and trade relations
Volume 3: Death, the region

poterie de sejnane

Economic resilience of Carthage during the Punic Wars: Insights from sediments of the Medjerda delta around Utica (Tunisia) :

Hugo Delile, Elisa Pleuger, Janne Blichert-Toft, Jean-Philippe Goiran, Nathalie Fagel, Ahmed Gadhoum, Abdelhakim Abichou, Imed Ben Jerbania, Elizabeth Fentress, and Andrew I. Wilson

"The discovery, through the study of sediments, of the relationship between lead/silver pollution in the Majerda Valley, (Utica) with the war effort of the Carthage Empire and its economic expansion from the 4th century BC".

poterie de sejnane

Know-how related to women's pottery in Sejnane المعارف والمهارات  المرتبطة بفخّار نساء سجنان)

29 November 2018: Inscription of the Know-how related to women's pottery of Sejnane on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity at the 13th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, which is taking place in Port-Louis (Republic of Mauritius), from 26 November to 1 December 2018...

Henchir Douamis

Discovery of an archaeological site in Hr Douamis, Chebba region (Mahdia Governorate)

A scientific team of the National Heritage Institute carried out during the period from 04 to 07 October 2018 the topographical and archaeological documentation of an unpublished archaeological site located in Hr Douamis, about 5 Km north of the Chebba (Mahdia Governorate). In July 2018, local residents declared the discovery of archaeological remains in an agricultural area a few hundred metres south of the village of "Chaabnia".


The famous mosaic on the islands of Haidra:

The famous mosaic on the islands of Haidra, the ancient Ammaedara, is currently on display at the departmental museum of Arles Antique until 18 November 2018. The inauguration of the exhibition took place on Friday 14 September 2018.......;

Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia:

The Christian heritage at the archaeological site of Bulla Regia in the 5th century AD, the diseases of the time, burial methods and the architecture of houses and churches are currently being studied as part of a cooperation project......


Meninx The City of Purple::

Excavation campaign at the Meninx site (Djerba) as part of the cooperation project between the National Heritage Institute (INP) and Ludwig-München, it is a research project on the former Meninx,....

Virgile : coding and terminology:Museum / Reserve code; Period code; Category code; Terminology acquisition mode; Terminology object status; Material terminology; Technical terminology; Function terminology;Object and collection inventory sheet (used in the Virgile database)


Musée du bardo - la rénovation

The National Bardo Museum: Renovation and Extension.

Renovation and extension work began in spring 2009 and was completed in spring 2012. The extensions, of about 9,000 m2, doubled the surface area of the museum and provided it with the equipment it needed. The new visit circuits follow chronological and thematic criteria governed by a modern scenography adapted to the collections and visits, including a tour of the rehabilitated Palace. The new exhibition of the Bardo Museum presents its rich collections of archaeology, art, history, decorative art and ethnography, bringing together the main witnesses of the cultural and artistic history of Tunisia from prehistory, to the Punic period, to the Numidian civilization, to the underwater treasure of Mahdia, to late antiquity and to Islam.....

Reopening of the Carthage Hall

Musée du sousse

Archaeological Museum of Sousse

Created in 1897, the museum occupies part of the old Kasba overlooking the medina of Sousse. This museum is known for its Roman mosaics, which are authentic masterpieces. The Kasba itself is the result of several construction campaigns staggered from the 11th to the 15th century. The tower of Khalef, which dates back to 859 AD, is the highest point in the city. The museum consists of several rooms and galleries...

liste monuments classés

List of protected and classified historical and archaeological monuments in Tunisia

This document contains an exhaustive list of listed and protected historical and archaeological monuments in Tunisia, the document is in Arabic, a classification by governorate has been chosen, it is in the form:

Governorate name:
Number / Name of archaeological site or historic complex / Name of monument / date of classification or protection / Decree or order

Download here

Inventory Work

Catalogue: Inventory of classified and protected sites and monuments in Tunisia

List of protected and classified historical and archaeological monuments in Tunisia

Archaeological map Classic

Classic map sites

IPAMED Digital map Alpha - digital database of the IPAMED project published as PDF documents

Major Sites,Minor Sites,Monuments

Digital map of Archaeological Sites and Historic Monuments (CNISAMH)

Data on the work of the National Map of Archaeological Sites and Historic Monuments during the period 2008-2009 :Number of sheets at a scale of 1:500,000 prospected: 46 sheets; Open areas: SOUTH-EAST, SOUTH-WEST, NORTH-WEST, CENTRE-WEST....
Digital database :Major Sites ; All Sites; StructuresGovernorate Codes

Site, monument and object inventory sheets; Virgil sheet

Model site sheet 2017, Model monument sheet 2017;

Site sheet, Monument sheet, Object sheet, et Document sheet;

Archaeological Objects Inventory Sheet (exhibits, seizures, on-reserve) and terminology;

Virgile sheet;

An Inventory Method : Digital heritage project- IPAMED

Grouped lists (three projects on the archaeological map)

A list of archaeological sites in Tunisia, INP 2012 (sources: the classic map, IPAMED project and the digital map of archaeological sites and historical monuments)
Non-exhaustive list of archaeological sites in another version (sources: the classic map, IPAMED project and the digital map of archaeological sites and historical monuments)
Other lists of archaeological sites and monuments distributed among the Tunisian delegations can be downloaded here: List of sites 1, List of sites 2list of sites 3, List of monuments et list of linear structures

Digital Library


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Cedac N°: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16-17][18][19][20][21]

AFRICA Scientific Sessions

Scientific Sessions: Série 2003,Série 2004,Série 2005

Roman Hydraulic Installations

Volume : V1V2V3V4

Archaeological bulletin of Sousse

Bulletin: [1903-1904],[1905-1906], [1907-1908],[1925-1926],1934

Byrsa Notebooks

Notebooks 1951,1953,1955,1956,[1958-1959],[1960-1961]

National Map of Archaeological Sites and Historic Monuments

Maps 1/50 000e: [005] [008] [016] [019] [027] [028] [029] [036] [043] [049] [050] [064] [063] [067] [068] [072] [074] [112] [117] [147] [157] [158] [169]

Prehistoric Atlas of Tunisia

Maps 1/50 000e: BizerteCap-BonEl JemGabèsKairouanLa GouletteMahresMaktarSouk el ArbSoussTunis


Available titles (in Consultation) :Books and Periodicals

Heritage Professions : as part of a database project carried out in the period 2007-2009.

Others catalogues

Catalogue of acquisitions for the year 2017

Catalogue of acquisitions for the years 2000 -2015

French : Catalogue 2010; Catalogue 2011; Catalogue 2012; Catalogue of acquisitions for the year 2013; Catalogue 2014. acquisitions mai- juin 2014; acquisitions juillet - septembre 2014; Catalogue of acquisitions for the year 2014; acquisitions des mois : mars -octobre 2015

Arabic : Catalogue 2010; Catalogue 2011; Catalogue 2012; Catalogue 2013.

In this Issue
AFRICA[18][19][20][21] [24]


Hannibal in Carthage
50 unpublished photos presented to the public for the first time on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the National Museum of the Bardo
Temporary Archaeological Exhibition Carthage Museum: Spoilt heritage, recovered heritage

Temporary exhibition of Kairouanese Sculptures and Paintings on Wood at the National Museum of Bardo
Exhibition: The Young Man of Byrsa
Exposition Japon : The Lagacy of Carthage,
Tunisian Archaeological Exhibition in Germany
Exhibition "Treasures from China" : result of an investigation


The INP has published a new issue of the periodical Africa (year 2013): Africa XXIII (300 pages in French and 40 pages in Arabic): visit the catalogue.

The INP published three books in 2009: BAHRI (F.), "Men of power and men of knowledge in Ifriqiyya aglabide", BEN ROMDHANE (KH.), "Contribution to the Study of the Currencies of Ifriqiya" and FERJAOUI (A.), "The Sanctuary of Henchir El Hami", the Three Africa N° XXII and Africa Reppal N° XIII and Africa ATP N° XV....For more information visit the catalogue
The Scientific Proceedingss
l'INP vient de publier les Actes Scientifiques du :
-6th International Symposium on the history of the Tunisian steppes session 2008;
- International symposium organized in Siliana and Tunis from 10 to 13 March 2004, the proceedings are entitled "Carthage and the natives of his empire at the time of Zama" Tribute to Mr. Mhamed Hassine FANTAR;

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