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Japan exhibition: The Lagacy of Carthage
Japan (Sendai, Kanazawa, Tokyo, Okayama, Iwata, Kyoto, Hamamatsu, Yamagata, Miyazaki and Nagoya), 12 June 2009 to November 30, 2010.

Treasures from China
As part of cultural exchanges Tunisia - China, on the occasion of 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties and third-Tunisian Seminar dialogue on Sino-Arab civilization in the Forum on Sino-Arab Cooperation The Ministry of Culture and Heritage Preservation (National Heritage Institute), Art Exhibitions China and the Embassy of the People's Republic of China organized a heritage exhibition "Treasures of China" at the National Museum of Carthage on May 8 August 8, 2009.
An exhibition that China holds for the first time in an Arab country.
Eighty-ten works grouped into 70 sets, including bronzes, jade, pottery, porcelain, gold, silver, silk and marble statues ... selected from the collections of a dozen museums belonging to the provinces of Henan , Hebei, Hunan, Jiangxi and Shanxi.Representing the history and China, the Shang period through that of Zhou in the 16th century BC to the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century.

The exhibition was held at the National Museum of Carthage in a space of 800 m2.
A team host was made available to the public as providing guided tours in four languages ​​(Arabic, English, French and Italian). An exhibition catalog was produced for the occasion.

The National Heritage Institute, which ensures a continuous improvement of the quality of its services, to better understand the evolution of expectations and satisfaction of the public, organized a survey in addition to a collection of opinions by a survey further in order to reconstruct the socio-demographic profile of the public and to assess the degree of satisfaction with the exhibition "Treasures of China."

Tunisian exhibition "Legacy of the Roman Empire." The Kingdom of the Vandals "to Karlsuche
318 objects eras Vandal, Byzantine and Aghlabid were distributed with different rooms of the museum: the funeral, daily life, economy, religion ... These themes are broken down in various media: sculpture in marble, mosaic museum of funeralBardo, and the Cape of Good Sbeïtla, African pottery depicting biblical themes, sarcophagi and Lemta Carthage, Meninx statuary, ivory, hoards of Chimtou, jewelry vandals Koudiat Zaateur (Carthage), Arabic manuscripts, pages of
Quran, models made at (El Gusset, and Damous Karrita ...) and a copy of the famous baptistery Demne (Kélibia).

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