Kairouan Medina

First city founded in the Muslim North Africa, Kairouan has played a leading role in the evolution of history and the spread of Muslim civilization. It remained the capital and one of the finest homes in the Arab-Muslim culture of North Africa over five centuries.

The value and authenticity of its monuments, the richness and variety of its archaeological treasures, still make this city a living museum of arts and Muslim civilization. The rich architectural forms of its monuments and the diversity of their ornamental repertoire reflect Kairouan's role in the development, maturation and distribution of Islamic art.
Kairouan School has inspired and served as a model for all Muslims of the Maghreb and buildings in the western basin of the Mediterranean. Today, the medina of Kairouan is among the few Muslim cities that has been fiercely protective of its heritage.
As such, Kairouan was recorded December 7, 1988 by UNESCO's World Heritage List.
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