Sousse medina

"The Pearl of the Sahel", the capital and port since ancient times, exporting its oil-rich region, grain, wool, alfa and salt, can now boast of having had, from classical antiquity almost interruption, at least twenty-six centuries of existence changing only its name: Hadrumetum in Roman times, Hunéricopolis under the Vandals, the Byzantines Justianapolis Sousse and finally to the Arab period.

Today the Arab medina is closing its premises as if she is jealous of the treasures she has accumulated over the centuries. The waves of the nearby sea came crashing while its eastern wall. The boats from Egypt, Syria and elsewhere entered the inner harbor was protected by walls and defended the Ribat on one side and the great mosque on the other.
At the highest point of the city before the Kasbah and in one corner stands the tower Khalaf with its enormous mass of 30 meters.
The medina of Sousse is registered since December 9, 1988 on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
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