Located thirty miles south of Tunis, the ancient city of Uthina is now the domain of agricultural Oudhna. Installed on a slight hill, it overlooks an agricultural plain that stretches between the Jabel Ressas, Jebel Bou Kornine, and Wadi Meliane. Its prosperity is due to the fertility of its soil in a rural area are still dynamic. We knew little about the origins of the native city. It 's probably acted in a city Suffet, Berber-Punic city turned into a colony at the time of Octavian Augustus. In the first century AD. J .- C. Pliny the Elder's place among the former colonies in Africa: "In His colona sex praeter Paet iam sura dictated Uthina Tuburbin" '


An inscription discovered in the forum of Dougga, tells us that this city was "splendid"
The city seems to have reached its golden age in the II and IIIes Rev. J. C, and the development of its planning must lie about that time. At the end of antiquity the city collapsed and became a very small village at the time the Arab-Muslim.

The main monuments of the site are: The Capitol, the amphitheater, large public baths, the house of Laberii, the baths of Laberii, large tanks, the water ......

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