Museum Dar Jellouli - Sfax

The Museum of Folk Art is housed in a rich traditional house "Dar Jallouli", built in the seventeenth century in the heart of the Medina of Sfax in the plane of classical houses with patios. This house is enhanced by its stone framing, paneling and tiled ceilings painted.
Two of the three residential rooms on the ground floor include alcoves and small rooms. These spaces are either reconstructed or converted into showcases that exhibit traditional costumes for men and women and other toilet articles.
The third room is dedicated to the craft of woodwork. Y is a traditional oven and exposed specimens of wooden objects, carved or perforated shot.
The room and kitchen supplies reconstituted with its array of cooking utensils occupy two rooms opening onto the patio.

Upstairs Sfaxien wedding scenes are reconstructed in particular that of "jumping over the fish." Shawls belonging to several villages in the hinterland Sfaxien are also on display and a unique collection of paintings under glass.
The museum illustrates the Dar Jallouli lifestyle of Sfax through their tangible.

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